Sharing our "zero emission" ideas with clients we are constantly looking for a sensitivity sustainable architecture.
Our idea of sustainbility comes from the research the language of natural design, the project should collaborate with the environment and have to take into account both the nature and the social aspect.

Ideas come freely from the concept project creation, when architects engineers and enviromental experts, share and combine their knowledge to find a fully intefrated design solution.

The first step in any project is a thorough on-site investigation: it is necessary to analyse the needs of the environment and always search for the most viable solutions with respect to nature. The famous motto "Less is more" is as relevant as ever in our days with regards to design and social responsibility.

"REseARCH" architecture begins from a natural shape to design a "RE--ARCH". Exploring nature and its forms we can easily find solutions for every structural or architectural task.
Our experience and technical skills give us the opportunity to reform all this information into new architecture.

Despite the continuous stream of new technologies and innovations, history teaches us that we can use indigenous materials in modern way and which supports the building archetype. Choosing local materials also gives us the opportunity to avoid unnecessary transportation and reduce CO2 emissions.



Foto Profilo Francesco Stefanini

FRANCESCO STEFANINI studied architecture at the "La Sapienza" University of Rome - Faculty of Architecture "Ludovico Quaroni". During his studies he collaborated with various Architecture and Engineering offices in Rome.
In 2005 he participated in the International Spring Field Studio workshop of a Territorial Park in Beijing.
In 2007 Francesco joined the Rome Society of Architects and set up his own architecture office in Tivoli, Rome.
In 2008 he moved to Barcelona, working with several local architects, namely Carlos Ferrater - Office of Architecture in Barcelona (OAB), PiSaA and AM Arquitectos.
In 2011 he obtained a Master's degree in "Architecture, Energy and Environment" at the Polytechnic University of Catalonia, Barcelona (UPC).
In 2015 he obtained a certification of Project Manager according to UNI ISO 21500:2013 at ISIPM (Istituto Italiano di Project Management) n°7136
Currently, he maintains an active collaboration with a number of partners with whom he participates in projects all around the world.


She studied Economy and Management at the State University of Management in Moscow.
In 2014 she gratuated in INTERIOR DESIGN in Istituto Marangoni in Milan.
In same year she joined in FS_ARCHITECTURE as a Project Director of Interior Department
She also leads the projects situated in Russia, China and another Eastern countries.



AM Arquitectos - Lisboa, Portugal

Taller A2 - Barcelona, Spain

PiSaA - Athens, Greece

Laura Morelli - San Jose, Costarica

Juliana Becker - São Paulo, Brasil

Duygu Mersin - Ankara, Turkey

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